Tiger Stripe Tac. Omni

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The Tac(tical) Omni Covers are made with an advanced type of loop/SRF fabric.  Black polyester laminated to one side and what is called "High Cycle Loop" to the other.  The High Cycle Loop, or HCL, allows for a strong bond with patches.  A 1x1inch cats eye loop panel is added to the top of the Tac. Omni for squad designation or IR reflector patches to help air support distinguish friend from foe.  

The front of the Tac. Omni looks like any other Omni, but the back is all tactical!  Camo, which is tactical in the front and tac-ti-coh never mind.  Its all tactical.  Get one today!! Its another place to put all of those patches you keep ordering online and don't have anywhere to put them!