Omni Hopper Covers©

Protect and add some style to your Paintball Hopper.  With stretchable stitching and closed off edges, your hopper cover will last through the beating of paintball.   

Omni Cover© - This cover will fit on just about any modern Hopper.  It has been tested on the following:

-Dye Rotor   -Dye LT-R   -Dye R2 (in both capacity configurations)   -Spire 200 - 260   -Spire 2   -Spire 3   -Valken VSL Switch (in both capacity configurations)   -Valken V-Max   -GISPORTZ LVL    -HK Army TFX   -Empire Z2   -HK Army PINOKIO SPEED   -Planet Eclipse PALS

The Omni Cover WILL NOT fit the Revolution, VL2000 or Revy hoppers.  A cover designed for that Hopper can be found here.