GFlauge Goggle Cover

Gflauge is a tested addition to profile breakup.  Made to attach to almost any goggle system.  It breaks up the wearers face profile.  The long cuts throughout allow for ample breathing.  You will forget you're wearing it.  Available in all your favorite ALLmap colors.    

**Paintball/Airsoft has too many goggles on the market to make a "one size fits all" GFlauge.  The GFlauge must be attached as the wearer sees fit.  Each GFlauge comes with some mini cable ties to help with attachment.  The key factor for best goggle to Gflauge fit is rear vents on the face mask.  Vents closer to ears.  Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to ask if the Gflauge will fit your goggles.