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Hopper Covers

The paintball hopper cover is not a new invention.  It was originally created back in the mid to late 80's, when paintball was strictly a woodsball style game.  We covered anything with camouflage to get the added edge.  

*Facefull May 2004 French Cup Master 1996

Back then it was the Neoprene™ hopper covers that were used for camouflage, noise suppression, and bounces. Neoprene™ was used in a wide variety of applications, including goggleflage, bottle covers, and of course hopper covers. It was all the rage!

With modern day emission regulations, Neoprene™ is not easy to come by affordably.  We researched options, and found that having a fabric created just for us was the best choice. Engineers created SRF, a foam fabric with polyester laminated to both sides. The camouflage, noise reduction and protection provided to the hopper remain the same.  Our fabric has the added benefit of increased temperature control.  So your paint stays cooler in direct sunlight. The only difference we have found is the bounce factor.  Our fabric does not have the same amount of give as Neoprene™.  

Our first design was created for the Dye Rotor, but we found that it fits a much wider range of hoppers, which is why we called it 'omni'. The Omni Hopper Cover© will fit just about any style of motorized hopper. 

The Revi Hopper Cover is made specifically for the Jt Revolution.  It was designed with the old school player in mind.

Ginger Dynamics offers a wide range of camouflages and designs for the hopper covers.  We will even create a custom design for your team or organization.  Just contact sales@gingerdynamics.com for more information. 

R&D are ongoing. We are developing additional products, including covers to fit other hoppers on the market. 'Cause our goal is to get you suited up!

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