Supergame Tactical Patriot Omni Cover

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Supergame Event Special Edition Items

Oregon April 30th

Indiana June 25th

East Coast August 20th

These covers are a special edition collaboration with the fine folks bringing you SuperGame. These items will be made to order and sent to you prior to the event of your choosing.

When ordering your items, please select the applicable SuperGame event noted with the item and we will have your fancy shmancy limited edition covers to you before your event. These are a limited run and will not be re-made until Supergames of the future. Get them while they are GingeryDynamicaly hot!

Omni Cover- The hopper cover you always needed. Fits on most all higher end loaders including; Dye and Virtue in regular or expanded capacity, GI, HK, Empire, BK and more!

GFlauge- EZ to install. Works with most all modern and vintage goggles. Includes zip ties to easily attach to the vents and design of your goggle face mask.